I was selected for a limited submission slot last year, but my proposal was not funded by the sponsor.  Am I eligible to submit an internal notice of intent to the same program this year?

Yes, provided that resubmission would be allowed by the sponsor.  If an internal competition is required, you will be asked to provide a copy of your reviews from the previous submission.  The internal review committee will evaluate (among other sponsor criteria) how well any identified weaknesses have been addressed in the resubmission.


Why do the instructions for preparation of internal preproposals sometimes differ from the sponsor requirements?

In general, the format of internal preproposals is designed to solicit the elements of the review criteria identified by the sponsor in the program solicitation, while also reducing the time commitment required of faculty for the internal proposal process.  In particular, much of the supplemental documentation required by the sponsor may not be needed as part of the internal competition.


I have been asked to be a PI on a subaward for a program that is a limited submission. Do I need to submit an internal notice of intent to the program?

The rules regarding allowable number of proposals as lead vs subawardee institution vary from one solicitation to the next.  In general, we ask that you submit an internal notice of intent clarifying the role (lead or subcontractor) that Virginia Tech will play in the project.  This approach will facilitate management of proposals through the Office of Sponsored Programs.


The limited submissions site lists deadline dates for receipt of internal notices of intent and internal preproposals.  What is the actual time on that date when internal notices of intent are due?

11:59 PM.  It is suggested, however, that PIs not wait until the last minute, however, in order to allow for any technical issues, network speeds, etc. that may impact uploading.


I have already submitted my internal notice of intent to the limited submissions system, but I wish to edit it.  How should I proceed?

You will not be able to edit your internal notice of intent after it is submitted.  (Please do not withdraw your internal notice of intent, as the system will not allow you to resubmit for that same program.)  It is understood that the internal notice of intent is a “work in progress.”  Reviewers are instructed to use the information provided in the internal preproposal rather than the internal notice of intent as the basis for internal review.


Where can I find the instructions for preparation of internal preproposals?

Log into the limited submissions website, and locate the program in which you are interested.  The instructions for preparation of internal preproposals will be posted the day that the internal competition is announced. Questions should be submitted to the limited submissions coordinator at gbsherman@vt.edu.


What happens when a deadline for a solicitation passes, but no one has submitted an internal notice of intent for the program?

All “open slots” are advertised in the Office of Research weekly email newsletter.   Those interested in one of the open slots should contact the limited submissions coordinator at gbsherman@vt.edu.  If you do not currently receive the weekly newsletter, and would like to be added to the listserve, please contact

Gary Sherman
Associate Vice President for Research Partnerships
Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation