I submitted an internal notice of intent, but no longer wish to pursue the proposal. What should I do?

Log into the limited submissions website and identify the program from which you wish to withdraw your internal notice of intent.  You will see a link that will allow you to withdraw your internal notice of intent.  Please do not use this feature to “edit” your internal notice of intent, as once you have withdrawn your internal NOI, you will not be allowed to submit another internal NOI for that program.


I was approved to submit a proposal through the limited submissions process, but I am no longer interested or able to pursue that proposal. What should I do?

Please ensure that, if approved to submit an internal preproposal, your team is firmly committed to submitting the proposal. Should an unforeseen crisis prevent you from submitting your proposal as originally planned, please contact the limited submissions coordinator immediately (etranter@vt.edu), so that your slot can be reallocated to the alternate ranked internal preproposal.