Last updated:  April 6, 2017

The information in this section is designed to supplement the information provided at the NIH website:

New at Virginia Tech

NIH K and New Investigator R01 Proposal Preparation Program

The NIH K and New Investigator R01 Proposal Preparation Program is designed to assist Virginia Tech junior faculty, fellows, and post-docs in the preparation of Career Development (NIH K) award applications and early career investigators in preparation for their first R01 grant. The goal is for participants to enter the program with a research idea in mind and use program resources to prepare their formal proposal for submission by the end of 2017.

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Video sessions

Building the NIH Grant

Does your research agenda depend heavily on support from the National Institutes of Health? This short course focuses on the essentials of NIH's demanding proposal format, with tips on how to write effectively for each key component. Best practices and essential hints based on first-hand experiences with the NIH will be provided. Special emphasis will be placed on how to avoid the common mistakes that can lead to early rejection of an NIH grant application.

Handling NIH Proposal Submission and After Award Compliance

Planning to submit a proposal to the National Institutes of Health (NIH)? This short course focuses on the essentials of submitting an NIH proposal through the Office of Sponsored Programs. We discuss the unique requirements for developing your budget and the procedures for completing the required forms. We alsolook at how your budget should reflect your research plan or Statement of Work, and what you need to do in order to use and manage and keep your NIH funding after it's awarded. Finally, we provide an overview of some of the hot compliance issues on which the NIH is focusing, as well as discuss more mundane, but essential, topics such as how to submit your annual reports and how to plan your funding for multi-year projects.