PI#1 and PI#2 will provide oversight of the entire Program and development and implementation of all policies, procedures, and processes.  In these roles, PI#1 and PI#2 will be responsible for the implementation of the Scientific Agenda, the Leadership Plan and the specific aims and ensure the systems are in place to guarantee institutional compliance with U.S. laws, DHHS, and NIH policies including biosafety, human and animal research, data and facilities.

Specifically, PI#1 will oversee aim 1 and be responsible for all animal research approvals.  PI#2 is responsible for aims 2, 3, and 4 including the implementation of all human subjects’ research and approvals.  PI#1 will serve as contact PI and will assume fiscal and administrative management including maintaining communication among PIs and key personnel through monthly meetings.  He will be responsible for communication with NIH and submission of annual reports.  The responsibilities of the contact PI will be rotated to PI#2 in even years of the grant award.  Publication authorship will be based on the relative scientific contributions of the PIs and key personnel.

SOURCE:  National Institutes of Health, accessible at http://grants1.nih.gov/grants/multi_pi/sample_leadership_plans.pdf.