PI#1 at Institution A will be responsible for the oversight and coordination of project management for aim 1 involving the molecular design and production of vectors expressing tumor specific antigens.  PI#2 at Institution B will be responsible for aims 2 and 3 including the in vivo and in vitro testing of vaccines.  Each PI will be responsible for his own fiscal and research administration.

The PIs will communicate weekly, either by phone, e-mail, or in person, to discuss experimental design, data analysis, and all administrative responsibilities.  All PIs will share their respective research results with other PIs, key personnel, and consultants.  They will work together to discuss any changes in the direction of the research projects and the reprogramming of funds, if necessary.  A publication policy will be established based on the relative scientific contributions of the PIs and key personnel.  PI#1 will serve as contact PI and be responsible for submission of progress reports to NIH and all communication. 

Intellectual Property.  The Technology Transfer Offices at Institutions A and B will be responsible for preparing and negotiating an agreement for the conduct of research, including any intellectual property.  An Intellectual Property Committee composed of representatives from each institution that is part of the grant award will be formed to work together to ensure the intellectual property developed by the PIs is protected according to the policies established in the agreement.

Conflict Resolution.  If a potential conflict develops, the PIs shall meet and attempt to resolve the dispute.  If they fail to resolve the dispute, the disagreement shall be referred to an arbitration committee consisting of one impartial senior executive from each PI's institution and a third impartial senior executive mutually agreed upon by both PIs.  No members of the arbitration committee will be directly involved in the research grant or disagreement.

Change in PI Location.  If a PI moves to a new institution, attempts will be made to transfer the relevant portion of the grant to the new institution.  In the event that a PI cannot carry out his/her duties, a new PI will be recruited as a replacement at one of the participating institutions.

SOURCE:  National Institutes of Health, accessible at http://grants1.nih.gov/grants/multi_pi/sample_leadership_plans.pdf