PI#1, PI#2, and PI#3 will serve as PIs for the project.  PI#1 will be responsible for the gene expression studies.  He will supervise Technician #1 for all microarrays.  PI#2 will be responsible for the endothelial cell studies and flow cytometry studies proposed in the grant.  She will supervise the Technician #2 at 50% effort for the flow cytometry studies and the post-doc for the endofthelial cell studies.  PI#3 will oversee all bioinformatics work in the gene expression and flow cytometry studies and will work with PI#1 and PI#2 on all data analysis.

The PIs will form a Steering Committee (membership may include PIs, key personnel, consultants, etc.) that will manage the oversight and coordination of project management, research administration, publications and data sharing, and integration of all resources needed for the project.  The Institution will subdivide the award funds and each PI will be responsible for his own budget.  The Steering Committee will oversee decisions on minor changes in research direction and have the authority to reallocate funds and resources between PIs.  PI#1 will serve as Chair of the Steering Committee and be responsible for communication among PIs, including meeting schedules and agendas.  The position of Chair will rotate among PIs on a yearly basis.  PI#2 will be designated the contact PI and be responsible for submitting all necessary documents to NIH, including IRB approvals, and annual progress reports.

Intellectual Property.  The PIs will grant necessary access rights to the pre-existing patents and or the patents potentially generated within the frame of this project for the purpose of this research project to all the other PIs and key personnel on a non-exclusive royalty-free basis.  Each PI shall take appropriate measures to ensure that he/she can grant these access rights.  Right in any pre-existing intellectual property will remain the property of the party that created and/or controls it. 

Conflict Resolution.  If a potential conflict develops, the appropriate Departmental administrators representing the PIs shall meet and attempt in good faith to settle any dispute, claim, or controversy arising out of or relating to the interpretation, performance, or breach of this disagreement.  However, if the Departmental administrators fail to resolve the disagreement within thirty business days, then such disagreement shall be referred for resolution to a designated senior executive of the parties who has the authority to settle the disagreement but who is not directly involved in the disagreement. 

Change in PI Location.  If one of the PIs moves to a new institution, attempts will be made to transfer the relevant portion of the grant to the new institution.  In the event that a PI cannot carry out his/her duties, a new PI will be recruited as a replacement, subject to the approval of the Steering Committee and the Institution. 

SOURCE:  National Institutes of Health, accessible at http://grants1.nih.gov/grants/multi_pi/sample_leadership_plans.pdf