Data sharing is a critical component of sponsored research, providing a platform for replication, as well as serving as a foundation for new projects.  As NIH notes,it also permits the "creation of new data sets when  data from multiple resources are combined."

"The NIH policy on data sharing applies:

  1. To the sharing of final research data for research purposes.
  2. To basic research, clinical studies, surveys, and other types of research supported by NIH. It applies to research that involves human subjects and laboratory research that does not involve human subjects. It is especially important to share unique data that cannot be readily replicated.
  3. To applicants seeking $500,000 or more in direct costs in any year of the proposed project period through grants, cooperative agreements, or contracts.
  4. To research applications submitted beginning October 1, 2003."

(See:  NIH Data Sharing Policy and Implementation Guidance)

Data Management Plan Tool

Need help writing the Data Management Plan for your proposal? The Data Management Planning Tool walks you through the process of creating, reviewing and sharing data management plans that meet sponsor requirements.  The tool includes references to VT Resources.  Follow the link below and select "Get started!"

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